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Our 2014 - 2015 Concert Schedule

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Printable Schedule: SJCMS 2014 - 2015 Brochure (PDF)

Our 6 Subscription Concerts

7:00 PM - Sunday

Oct. 12, 2014

Chamber Concerti by pianist Anne-Marie McDermott,
Calder Quartet, & guest violinist Geoff Nuttall

featuring Mozart, Ravel and Chausson.

8:00 PM - Saturday

Nov. 15, 2014

Prazak STRING QUARTET with Gwendolyn Mok

The “superb foursome” [Chicago Tribune] from Prague is back.  The Prazak Quartet’s 2011 debut in San Jose, with Gwendolyn Mok, was a hit! Together again - this time for Schumann’s Piano Quintet!

7:00 PM - Sunday

Jan. 11, 2015

Jupiter STRING QUARTET with Jon Nakamatsu

San Jose native and top tier string quartet join forces for the Brahms Piano Quintet!

Cycle Concert 5

8:00 PM - Saturday

Feb. 21, 2015


final two concerts present five quartets and the Grosse Fuge

by the award-winning AURYN QUARTET from Germany

Co-sponsered by the American Beethoven Society and the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, San Jose State University

“European tradition that blends elegance of sound
  with seamless phrasing and clarity of detail.” - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cycle Concert 6

7:00 PM - Sunday

Feb. 22, 2015

7:00 PM - Sunday

Mar. 22, 2015

Awadagin Pratt and Zuill Bailey

Piano & Cello – Brahms, Franck Sonatas and more.

Concerts are held at the historic Le Petit Trianon Theatre, 72 N. Fifth Street in downtown San Jose, 1/2 block north of E. Santa Clara Street. Each event begins with a pre-concert talk forty-five minutes before the concert.

Anne-Marie McDermott, piano

Geoff Nuttall, guest violinist 

Jonathan Moerschel, viola; Andrew Bulbrook,
violin; Eric Byers, cello; Benjamin Jacobson, violin

October 12, 2014 -    
(Sunday at 7:00PM)


  • MOZART Piano Concerto #13 in C Major, K.415/387b (1782-83)
  • RAVEL String Quartet in F (1903)
  • CHAUSSON Concerto In D Major for Violin, Piano and String Quartet, Op.21 (1891)

Pre-Concert Talk:  Roger Emanuels (at 6:15PM)


Mozart wrote his K.415 piano concerto to delight also as ‘chamber concerto’ with string quartet. Ravel’s Quartet incorporates impressionism, neo-classical clarity, and Far Eastern exoticism. Chausson’s urgent and tender music pays brilliant homage to César Franck.


The “superb” [N.Y. Times] Calder Quartet was awarded the prestigious Avery Fisher Career Grant for 2014! World-touring New York pianist Anne-Marie McDermott reprises her rousing 2012 Bay Area performance of Mozart and Chausson. N.Y. Times hails violinist Geoff Nuttall as “intensely dynamic” with “stunning technique”. Richard Scheinin praised the “evocative” performances on McDermott’s and Calder’s 2013 Mozart concerto CD. – S.J. Mercury News.

calderquartet.com • annemariemcdermott.net • Goeff Nuttall

Michal Kanka, cello; Josef Kluson, viola;

Pavel Hula, violin; Vlastimil Holek, violin
Gwendolyn Mok, piano

November 15, 2014 -  
(Saturday at 8:00PM)


  • HAYDN Quartet No. 54 in B-flat Major, Op.71 No. 1, [Count] “Apponyi,” (1793)
  • SMETANA Quartet No.1 in E Minor, “From My Life”, (1876)
  • SCHUMANN Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, Op.44 (1842)

Pre-Concert Talk:  Roger Emanuels  (at 7:15PM)


Haydn’s post-London Op.71 Quartets - perhaps the first such written for public concert halls, instead of aristocrats - are catchier, more intensified, grander in style. Smetana’s Quartet No.1 “paints a tone picture of my life” - love of art, and dancing and first love - and uses Bohemian folk elements in the music. Schumann wrote, the first-ever quintet for piano and string quartet for his wife Clara. The piece inspired Brahms to write his own piano quintet.


The Prazak Quartet’s 2011 debut here, with Gwendolyn Mok, was a hit! The “superb foursome” [Chicago Tribune] from Prague has toured worldwide for over 30 years. Gwendolyn Mok, Bay Area soloist and Head of Keyboard Studies at San Jose State Univ., has performed and recorded world-wide with major orchestras in London, Hong Kong and Beijing.

prazakquartet.com • youtube-PrazakQuartet • gwendolynmok.com

Liz Freivogel. viola; Nelson Lee, violin;

Megan Freivogel, violin;
Daniel McDonough, cello
Jon Nakamatsu, piano

January 11, 2015 -  
(Sunday at 7:00PM)


  • HAYDN String Quartet in C Major, Op.54 No.2 [Esterhazá violinist
    Johann] “Tost” (1788)
  • BARTOK String Quartet No.5 (1934)
  • BRAHMS Piano Quintet in F Minor, Op.34 (1864)

Pre-Concert Talk:  Janet Sims  (at 6:15PM)


Haydn’s boldly original Op.54/#2 has a poignant ‘Hungarian lament’ Adagio, and, flaunting custom, a slow final movement. Folk-music collector Bartok imbued folk music-like vitality and expressiveness in his sophisticated and fully original Quartet #5. Brahms’ struggled long, but finally his masterful Op.34 Piano Quintet met his standards - and charmed Clara Schumann, and  listeners ever since.


The Jupiter Quartet’s awards include Banff first prize, Fischoff grand prize, Cleveland Quartet Award, Avery Fisher Career Grant, and Lincoln Center’s Chamber Music II residency. Jon Nakamatsu wins unanimous praise as a true aristocrat of the keyboard, whose playing combines elegance, clarity, and electrifying power.

jupiterquartet.com • jonnakamatsu.com

Jens Opperman, violin; Matthias Lingenfelder, violin; Andreas Arndt, cello; Stewart Eaton, viola

Sponsered by the American Beethoven Society and the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, San Jose State University

Feb 21, 2015 -  
(Saturday at 8:00PM)

Feb 22, 2015 -  
(Sunday at 7:00PM)


by the award-winning

AURYN QUARTET from Germany


Year 3 concludes the Beethoven quartet cycle. His ‘first period’ quartets, Op.18, of 1798-1800, already demonstrate his mastery of the Classical style. The middle period “Heroic” quartets, 1806-1809, reveal his revolutionary enlarged conception. In the late quartets of 1824-26, Beethoven, now totally deaf, explored new worlds of sound. 

PROGRAM (Cycle Concert 5 - Feb 21)


  • No.5 in A Major, Op.18/5 (1801)
  • No.13 in B-flat Major, Op.130 (1827)
  • Grosse Fuge [Grand Fugue] in B-flat, Op.133

Pre-Concert Talk:  Dr. Bill Meredith, Director, Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoben Studies, SJSU.


Beethoven’s Op. 18/5 in A-Major shows Beethoven's admiration for Mozart’s string quartets. Op. 130’s radical six movements in five different keys reflect Beethoven’s life-long experimenting with how to shape the flow of a work’s forms and moods. The intense, driving Grosse Fuge Op. 133 is about variation and thematic changes, as well as fugue. It was written as the original finale to Op. 130, but was later replaced by a movement much different in character. Which ending do you prefer?


PROGRAM (Cycle Concert 6 - Feb 22)


  • No.4 in C Minor, Op.18/4 (1801)
  • No.16 in F Major, Op.135 (1827)
  • No.7 in F Major, Op.59/1 [dedicated to Count
    Razumovsky] (1808)

Pre-Concert Talk:  Dr. Bill Meredith, Director, Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoben Studies, SJSU.


Op.18/4 opens with Beethovian C-Minor dramatic tension, but the rondo finale has a Haydnesque gypsy bounce. The ‘symphonic’ Op.59/1 shares the Op.55 Eroica Symphony’s expansive length - and the composer’s expressing his soul in music. Op.135 - in contrast to other ‘late’ quartets - is shorter, lighter in tone, and normal in design - but its Lento assai movement is sublime “interior music.”


The Auryn has performed this cycle throughout Europe and the U.S. Their Beethoven recordings won the Classical Internet Award, and Gramaphone said: “For me, this is now the set to beat.”

Their Haydn CDs won a German Music Critics’ Prize and an Echo Klassik Prize.

“European tradition that blends elegance of sound with seamless phrasing and clarity of detail.”
— Cleveland Plain Dealer

AurynQuartet.com • sjsu.edu/beethoven

Awadagin Pratt, piano  Zuill Bailey, cello

March 22, 2015 -  
(Sunday at 7:00PM)


  • STRAVINSKY [w Gregor Piatigorsky] Suite italienne for cello & piano (1933)
  • BRAHMS Sonata in D Major [transcription of Violin Sonata #1 in G Major,
    Op.78, (1879)
  • FRANCK Violin Sonata in A Major [transposed for cello by cellist
    Jules Delsart, same key], (1886)
  • Other pieces will be announced at the concert.

Pre-Concert Talk:  Roger Emanuels (at 6:15PM)


While re-scoring and modernizing baroque music for Diaghilev’s ballet Pulcinella (1920), Stravinsky discovered in music of the past a gateway commencing his neo-classical second phase. Brahms’  sonatas set the standard for ingeniously combining two instruments. Franck’s Violin Sonata, a wedding gift for violinist and composer Ysa˙e, is chromatic, cyclic, soaring, exalted, and much-loved.


Zuill Bailey, sought-after for his compelling artistry, technical finesse, and engaging personality, is Prof. of Cello at U. Texas, El Paso, and plays the 1693 Matteo Goffriller cello Mischa Schneider used for 30 years. Naumberg winner and Avery Fisher Career Grant recipient Awadagin Pratt, acclaimed for his musical insight and for intensely involving performances, also conducts - and is Prof. of Piano at Univ. of Cincinnati.

awadagin.com  • zuillbailey.com